Wednesday, October 27, 2010

anthropologie set free cardigan fitting review and styling options

hello there! my newest crush cardigan popped up today and i just had to share: set free cardigan by sleeping on snow. i love fairisle and pastels - so this is perfect for me.


i like how it looks over loungewear on the mannequin above, so cozy.


i am wearing a size small. the sweater is stretchy, and i would want to go with the small to be sure it didn't over-stretch. i loved the draping, which i tried to show in the second photo.

even though it would be perfect for snuggling up at home, i do think it would be darling with dresses. remember this slip dress from a couple years ago? it would be the perfect color and feeling to pair.

or this one:
Autumn Garden Bag
$158 -
Anthropologie handbags »

Set Free Cardigan -
$128 -

or of course, the sweater would work well with jeans:

this one is sitting high on the wish list. can i make it until it goes sale or will i have to have it in time for the cold snap this week?
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