Monday, October 11, 2010

anthropologie surging springs skirt fitting review

hello there! the surging springs skirt hit my local anthropologie store last week.

i was hesitant to try, but based on the fantastic online reviews, i decided to try. and wow. i really liked it!

pencil skirts are a little hard for me because often in order to size up to fit my hips, the waist is too big. the above photo is a size 10 - my store was out of the size 8 and the size 6 was too tight. i would like to try the 8, but the 10 fit (little loose in waist, but i was able to wear it maybe lower than intended?) the picture is a little hard to judge because of the enormously blousey piece de resistance blouse (size small in photos) which i will review shortly!

anyway, back to the navy skirt. so very flattering. i also liked that though the skirt goes up in the front, it is not too revealing or too high. i hate when skirts do that so if you are sitting down in a meeting... well you get it. i can't wait to wear it and post better photos. highly recommend.  i do also like the idea of pairing this blouse and skirt together. here is what i would wear with those two:

the shoes also come in a fabulous teal green - which would also work with this ensemble. the blouse has so many great colors to pull from!
until next time,

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