Sunday, October 3, 2010

cath kidston is back in the usa!

i am so excited! cath kidston is back in the usa! well, online that is. no more paying in pounds! no more outrageous shipping charges from the uk! wahoo!

if you are not familiar with this uk-based designer, she sells homewares and clothing in adorably retro prints. a few years ago there was an online shop, and brick and mortar locations in nyc and california. then they all closed and i could only get my fix from the uk site - which meant window shopping more often than purchasing.

but now she is back! and if it couldn't get any better - there is free shipping with purchase over $120 until monday, october 4th. enter code "USFD"

here are some of the items topping my wishlist:
milly fitted velvet jacket (it reminds me of retro anthropologie)

i have never tried the cath kidston clothing before, but this jacket i could see myself wearing all fall and winter. it's quite adorable.

these lovely tins for cookies or papers or whatever. they would look so pretty stacked up in a bookshelf or on a desk.

i actually have these canisters in my kitchen. i bought them back way back when but have been pleased with them, so had to share:

this next item is a bit frivolous, but i have been loving it for some time.

yes, it is a plastic bag storing fabric sachel thing. in a cute print. only for the gal who has everything, right?

i am an absolute junkie for little zippered cases, pouches, and tins. i love when everything is in its right place. if you opened my purse right now, there are at least four: one for random punch cards and reward memberships, one for coins, one for makeup things, and one for other bits and bobs like earrings or bobby pins. cath kidston has some of the best. these ones are catching my eye right now:


and lastly, it wouldn't be a true showcase without her kitchenwares and stationery:


lovely plates and saucers for tea time


such delightful towels and glassware

lovely bowls and notebooks. so many choices!

until next time,

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