Monday, October 25, 2010

flora in focus necklace

i purchased the flora in focus necklace from anthropologie as soon as i saw it last year. the pink, the pearls, the sparkle... it is perfect.

but i have worn it a total of one time. once! it's so glamorous, i am at a loss as to what to pair with it. so now i am on a mission to make it work and wear it more often (its my new closet mission - make what i have work more often. make what i have work more often. it's almost a mantra). the below polyvores are my attempt to make it wear-worthy and give me some daily inspiration.

the first is for a girls night out. i think this one could be easily reversed to have a solid black tee with puff sleeves and the anthropologie aniseed skirt from last year with some black heels for work. in fact, maybe that will be tomorrow's ootd!

next up is dressing the necklace down with a plaid shirt. i think you could easily pair the plaid shirt with jeans for an even more casual look.
Navy lace bow front skirt
32 GBP -
Lace skirt »

Grey zip shoe boots
45 GBP -
High heel boots »

Flora-In-Focus Necklace
$198 -
Daisy jewelry »

how about this look? the bluey-purple shoes are perfect with the pink in the necklace.
240 EUR -
Vintage jeans »

70 GBP -
High heel shoes »

Flair- Velvet
$198 -
Juicy couture bags »

Flora-In-Focus Necklace
$198 -
Daisy necklace »

this last one, i just had to add in this purse. it's crazy and fabulous. perfect for the ultimate girly girl.

until next time,

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  1. I like looks 1, 2, and 4. I think the necklace goes best with a dress or skirt.