Thursday, October 7, 2010

the final touch?

i am pretty happy with my bedroom as is. i believe it should be a place to feel ultimately comfortable. its surrounding yourself with what makes you smile. and what a better way than to make a delightful bed the focal point?

so sumptious. i like it when the bed tempts you to climb right in and fall asleep. 

fluffy duvets. mixing soft prints and pastels. adding ruffles and roses. a vintage headboard. the princess and the pea might is the perfect inspiration.

but there has been a missing piece right above my bed...

i have two window frames that are the width of the full size bed. i love them - but still, something is missing in between. something charming.

there are four hooks hanging down from the windows and i keep thinking that hanging a little garland would be lovely. so i was thrilled when i visited rose mille and saw these glittered garland letters:

they just might be the final touch. what do you think?

until next time,

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