Friday, October 1, 2010

anthropologie facile camp shirt

have you seen this lovely silky soft blouse?

it's the facile camp shirt, by odille and comes in black and olive green. it runs about a size smaller than other odille tops normal and it also looks better blousey - so size up! here are my fitting room reviews:


i really liked this. it's not something i would traditionally wear, but i really liked the gold buttons and could envision it with heels or boots. it was also amazing comfortable. here is an option for dinner:

or wearing the green, it can be a little more casual and earthy:
Level 99 Lily Straight Jeans in Rinse
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Frye Taylor Over The Knee Boot
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Gold Plated Hammered Bird Cuff, Wendy Mink
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until next time,


  1. The more I look at it, the more I want it.

  2. S. - i know! it happened to me as well...totally not my style at first, but once i added the maryam tank - sold. i liked that the black goes dressy and casual, but the green would be lovely as well. let me know if you get it!