Saturday, October 23, 2010

leifsdottir eyelash lace corset fitting review

wowsa. i have a new crush. its the eyelash lace corset. and at $258, it will be a crush for awhile.

first of all, it did wonderful things. amazingly flattering on my shape.

the lace was beautiful. this isn't your forever21 lace. this is gorgeous, leifsdottir quality.

the boning throughout the whole thing is fantastic. it certainly isn't a surprise why this is $258...

and the back has this gold zipper - so unexpected. (p.s. it completely zips off like you are wearing a backwards vest. i was able to fit a size 8, but as it is so form fitted, i do want to try on the 10 to see)

until next time,


  1. it looks really good on you!
    I'm thinking of buying it for myself but not sure about the sizing :-(

  2. lily - this was an 8. are you familiar with leifsdottir blouses/dresses? i can usually size down to a 4 or 6 in their tops when cut more loose, but dresses i am usually an 8 exactly (exactly true to size). this top was definitely fitted. i would say stay with your usual size or size up 1 size. On the website, there might be more sizing assistance. good luck!