Monday, October 11, 2010

trip to buffalo part 1

so on sunday, i journeyed to buffalo for their monthly occasional sales, where shops are only open up for one weekend a month - but that weekend, the shop is guarenteed to be full of delightful finds. i started off at the porch & atelier. the porch is in the basement and only open during the occasional sales, while atelier is open throughout the month. her home was actually featured in country living magazine earlier this year.

loving the vintage spools and feedsack pillowcases.

old clocks seem to be catching my eye these days as well...

i thought these vintage signs were charming, a little collection would be nice above a couch.

then it was off to second hand rose where i was immediately drawn to their selection of vintage dressers:

second hand rose is definitely a shop where going on thursday is much better than the sunday selection - but the additional 10% off they offer on sunday is certainly a perk too. (the prices for these dressers are amazing too. less than $150.)

i then made it over to my final destination: the buffalo nickle antique barn. this is literally a huge barn filled with different vendors. it is open every day from 10-6 and well worth it, so i have made the trip out to buffalo just to shop here. the assortment is huge:

painted porcelain to funky magnets.


i love how displays can make items seem so much more unique. wooden spools are all of a sudden a collection when in an old glass jar, milk bottles look lovely stacked in a crate.


same with these rag balls or muffin tins. one is not nearly the same as a cluster.

i can't wait for a home where i can have a sideboard like this. so pretty. 


phew! hope you enjoyed!
until next time,

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