Saturday, April 30, 2011

outfit of the day: 04.29.2011

so the other night, i popped into forever21 and picked these oxfords up. they reminded me of the out of reach oxfords from j.crew:

Forever21 metallic oxford
$25 -

wore them on friday and they were surprisingly comfortable. i think i am having a shoe moment:


which translated into dressing more boy-ish. (of course, with a pink flannel shirt)



purse is cynthia rowley from t.j.maxx. :)

here is the rest of the polyvore breakdown:
J Crew cashmere cardigan
$158 -

Pilcro Slit-Ankle Crops
$98 -

Forever21 flat shoes
$25 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors tortoise watch
$250 -

happy hunting!

until next time,


  1. thanks alice! :)i love big chunky watches

  2. the watch and shoes are a nice touch :)

  3. Shiny shoes, very cute touch!

  4. Whoot! Those shoes are cute! I think oxfords are so essential this season. They look great with the plaid shirt!

  5. Okay, so normally...I just am not into the Oxford thing. I don't like them. But on you, with your styling, I really really like them. That's a huge deal for me. You nailed it! (what's new?)

  6. sammie - thanks so much!
    jess - i gotta get my sparkle in. i must not have gotten enough tutu time as a child :)
    lisa - hehe thanks!! i totally agree about oxfords being out and about this season. i wanted something fun and fresh and i think the gold did it. trends are so fun when they are fun forever21!
    molly - aww. thank you! i love menswear for women, but i also love really feminine details - so the juxapositioning is always a fun challenge. :) next up is trying the oxfords with a fun party dress.