Friday, April 22, 2011

anthropologie conure rug comes home

well hello! i took the plunge and ordered the 8' conure rug from anthropologie. it arrived this week and i immediately took it to my new apartment. 

what do you think? (clearly, i am still unpacking...) it is a thin crewel rug, perfect for layering over carpeting.

it definitely makes a statement. i am hoping the round shape will help bring the spaces together.

the colors work perfectly with my new chandelier, which i picked up last saturday from the lamp shop after being re-wired. works perfectly now! just needs to be installed :)

here's what i am envisioning:

once i get my couch moved in, plus all the supplemental ottomans and such, i can play around to make it work.

until next time,


  1. its a beautiful rug! I bought a rug from anthro last year and I love it to bits and pieces! Have fun decorating!

  2. thanks sammie! i think it will be great once i get everything in the space. hopefully the round shape was the right choice! crossing my fingers that everything works! :)