Saturday, April 9, 2011

an evening excursion

friday was an afternoon of adventure and an evening excursion. aliterations are so fun. :)

i went hunting for delights, but didn't find much. a few of the items i had scoped out had already sold.
it's probably for the best since i still have the spendy conure rug from anthropologie on my wish list. and i used up quite a bit of shopping karma this week!


i liked how industrial this coffee table looked:

and i am having a moment for rag rugs:

actually got to see the potential bar stools in person. still debating.

i ended up with a green chippy chair and a few additional feather pillows for the daybed i don't have yet.

and then speaking of the daybed i don't have yet... the lovely KB volunteered (can you believe that!? that's why she's lovely. and for other reasons too. hehe.) to help me go look at and potentially pick up that daybed last night. we had some delicious burgers (i.e. ones that had cheese inside and on top of) and then headed off with her husband in tow to protect us ;) you just never know about craigslist listings!

turns out, daybed was in perfect condition. yay! the seller was not a serial killer. phew. and so we (and by we, i mean KB's husband) loaded it up in the car and then KB and i headed back over to the new apartment to assemble.

at this point it might look hopeless.  but don't worry...

after 12 screws

and some planning...

it came together. ta-da!

oooh. i love it already. (and won't it look even better with a daybed cover and with the pilows all arranged?)

happy saturday!

until next time,


  1. I've always wanted a daybed- especially with such a great range of patterned throw pillows!

  2. What a great daybed! I love the color!

  3. OMG love the daybed!! SO cute! It looks like EXACTLY what you were looking for :)

  4. alice - thank you! i am so happy it made its way to my home!

    thatdamngreendress - you are welcome to stay on it anytime ;)

    annie - thanks!

    darby - aww thank you! yessss. it is! i am so excited for it!