Monday, April 25, 2011

anthropologie americana skirt fitting review and styling options

hello there. tonight i popped into anthropologie, hoping to find the loosened shelby blouse. unfortunately, no tops, but i did spot the americana skirt from eva franco on the sale rack. there was only a size 6 but i figured i might as well try it on. this one i liked from the online photos, but it had poor reviews so i never ordered. in person, the colors are more muted - but the turquoise is still a fun pop.

the skirt is 78% cotton and the rest poly. so the good news is it will probably stretch a little. it zipped up just fine. i would say it must run a bit large because i usually have to size up in eva franco. i would recommend going true to size if not a size down.

now i know it is very fitted, but i actually didn't mind. maybe a little va-va-voom? with the fabric changes and mix of prints, and the large bow on the front i think it needs to be more fitted to look best.

again, love the mix of prints and the slit in the back... what do you think?  here's how i would wear it..

at work with some fancy heels:
Striped skirt
$90 -

Sequin Garland Heels -
$318 -

or maybe for errands after work:
Pullover sweatshirt
$40 -

Knee length pencil skirt
$90 -

Wedge shoes
$138 -

how fun would it be to add even more neon pops of color to the skirt:
Striped pencil skirt
$90 -

Poetic Licence heel pumps
$99 -

Coach straw tote bag
$358 -

Stephan Co woven jewelry
$12 -

lastly, the perfect casual summer outfit:
Dorothy Perkins scoop neck tee
7 GBP -

Pencil skirt
$90 -

Steve Madden thong sandal
$85 -

Straw handbag
25 GBP -

Luna bracelet

$18 -

until next time,


  1. I have mixed feelings about this skirt, but it looks really nice on you. very....bootyish, but in the good sort of way. I also like how it looks with the boots! It is unique for sure, and the mix of patterns is nifty.

  2. yes... it definitely is fitted. i am still debating. i think it would work with a lot of options in my closet already, but is very unique. hmm..

  3. well you know...sometimes we all need a booty skirt, and that one is good, not too short. I think you could wear it in the fall too, with a nice cardigan/sweater too.

  4. It's pretty cute, and the muted colour does make it a little less...less

  5. yes, the colors are almost, navy, cream, pale pink/nude, red, and turquoise. it actually would be cute with the nelumbo kitten heels now that i think about it.

  6. i really like it now that i've seen it on someone. i debated getting it too when it hit the sale online, now it's sold out. i'm going tomorrow to see if my local anthro has it. :)

  7. I really like this skirt and think that it being more fitted keeps it from looking odd. The last outfit set you created is perfect and I can see you wearing that around the city.

  8. I agree with Fallon...the last set is totally perfect for that skirt. Or even with a pair of Tom's wedges!