Tuesday, April 26, 2011

anthropologie goldfish bowl skirt fitting review

a couple weeks ago i tried on the goldfish bowl skirt from anthropologie and realized i never posted the review! the skirt was cute. i was wearing a stretched out tank top and felt like it was causing the skirt to not fit as well at the waist as i wanted. it fit true to size if not a bit small for higher waisted skirts (normally i can size down in high waisted skirts)  and i think i am wearing an 8, but i could have grabbed a 6... i am 85% sure i am wearing an 8 though... this is why i shouldn't wait to post reviews eh!?

there is NO give at the waist (no elastic), so it really should sit at the proper high waist. some might have to size up if you aren't as narrow there. it does also have some pleating and poof around the waist. i didn't mind, but i know this is hard to style around. 


pockets are always a huge plus for me.

overall, i am still debating. but the print was adorable. wouldn't it be cute paired with a mint/seafoam green cardigan or maybe lemon yellow? <sigh> oh the options!

until next time,


  1. Even though I love the pattern on this skirt, it is not my favorite. I think I would much rather this one be a scarf or blouse. I wonder if its the fact that its silk that I'm not really drawn to it? Maybe if it was more of a canvas material, like the vera boat skirt from last year.

  2. totally. it would make an adorable scarf!

  3. True, even though I like the print in theory, something about the length and too much poof at the top is making it feel too fish-bowly for me. I saw some ladies trying it on in the store and I couldn't get the image out of my mind. Such a shame, since at a longer length it could've been way lovelier, don't you think?