Thursday, April 21, 2011

outfit of the day: 4.20.2011

hello! well on wednesday, i woke up to this...

yeah, that's snow. not so happy about that.

wanting to ignore the snow, i wore something a bit more springy...

i liked the mix of the stormy paisley jacket with the verdant slip dress.

here is the polyvore breakdown:
$138 -

Paisley jacket
$128 -

$9.95 -

Distressed leather boot
$120 -

Bow jewelry
$38 -

until next time,


  1. You can make me rethink anything! I love the print of this dress but feel like it looks so naked, you did a great job a layering yet still showing it off.

  2. aww thank you fallon! :) did you see the new reflecting pool dress? the bold colors might be more up your alley?

  3. Gorgeous- I love the way the snowy textured cardigan and the silky green floral express spring (you know, with the snowy uncertainty that comes with the first buds!)

  4. yes!! i thought of that when i put it on too! hehe. i hope the snow is really gone by now! there are threats of it coming back! yikes!