Wednesday, April 6, 2011

outfits of the day: 04.06.2011

so along with my printed sailboats tee, i picked up the first hints blouse from anthropologie. i loved the first version of this in black, but the print wasn't doing much for me. imagine my joy when it came out in ivory with a bird on it. eeeek. you know i love a bird print. (and this clip from portlandia cracks me up every time i think about how much i love little whimsical animals or prints on items.)


i couldn't run fast enough to the fitting room. and luckily i tried this one on. i ended up going with a 2! i wanted it to be a bit more fitted in the waist and not huge in the arms, and the 2 was perfect. it is shorter than most tops i own, but not too short (i am 5'4.) i love the top but would definitely recommend trying this one on to get the best fit. then, you know i had to add my schoolboy blazer from j.crew to complete the look:



oh and if you needed one more reason to love this top... it goes amazingly well with jeans, like i wore tonight to the salon.


here is the polyvore breakdown for my work outfit:
$118 -

J Crew wool blazer
$188 -

J Crew pencil skirt
$160 -

$9.95 -

Anthropologie shoes
$358 -

BCBGeneration ribbon necklace
$10 - (similar necklace, mine was from j.crew a few years back)

and the jeans i wore later in the day are old school level 99 i got from anthropologie.

until next time,


  1. That is a very beautiful top! I love Portlandia (scary how true it is). I crack up every time I watch it. There is a dessert place here in town that is now advertising that they will put a (chocolate) bird on any desert you order for an extra .25. Crazy, huh?

  2. kristin - thank you. i love love love the flowy sleeves and drape of this top. that is crazy! (but sounds cute too! hehe)