Sunday, April 3, 2011

a little more of my little apt.

hi there! a bit of an uneventful weekend. it was nice to take time to rest up for the month ahead (you know, moving, re-decorating, easter, etc...)

unfortuntately, my vintage chandelier has not arrived yet. i was hoping to show pictures and cannot wait to see it in person. the wait is killing me!

i headed back over to ikea to return a couple things and took another look in their showroom for inspiration.
i still like this alvine rand rug, but i just don't think it will work with my decor.

i popped over to see their selection of bar stools. what do you think of the ingolf in white?

it's not chippy, but it does have a much better price.

i also spotted the henriksdal, which i like in the birch/white or birch/linen combo (again, good price point but not sure if it is too modern for me):

well, i'll just need to decide by the time i go back to get a daybed... which is in about a month or so.

today, i managed to do a ltitle more packing and unpacking. here are a few snapshots:
a cozy pile of pillows

they're just waiting for a daybed... :)

my vintage patio chairs. i can't wait to jazz up my outdoor space with a little table and some pillows, and maybe a couple glasses of lemonade?

craft closet! it's only just the beginning here...

i love organized craft supplies. i found this fun rag shag rug from urban outfitters. it's a nod to vintage, without the wear.


labels keep all the drawers organized. then i have my sharpies sorted by color in vintage soda bottle glasses.

pictures waiting to find a home on the wall.

the art prints are mostly vintage, but the cat eating a piece of cake is from etsy seller amberalexander and can be purchased here. then, i added my own frame. i love her whimsical artwork and have purchased quite a few. highly recommend!

unpacking in the kitchen

laundry linen closet:

and finally, deciding on some lampshapes. i'll share my final choice along with the base... as soon as i make my mind up. such a tough decision!

how was your weekend? any luck with the j.crew extra 20% off or the final days of the anthropologie free shipping?

until next time,


  1. I love the pictures of your apartment! You have some great stuff and seem super organized (an envious trait!). I like the miss swiss dress from below, the belt goes perfectly!

  2. These pictures are such a tease! I can't wait to see how things shape up in the coming weeks. I have the henriksdal bar stools in black and really like them.

  3. minnesota maven - thanks! it helps to have enough time to do the move more thoughtfully. i really like the dress too. i am excited to figure out some other ways to wear as well.

    fallon - i am getting excited to see how everything comes together as well. it definitely is a process that unfolds. though i love the plan, i like when things just come together organically too. good to know about the stools! i always pick form over function, but i do want them to be comfortable and the henriksdal ones certainly look comfy!