Sunday, September 26, 2010

dress me up

i have been looking (and hoping) to find a dress form to put in my bedroom. i have seen all different sorts of them during my treasure hunting in flea markets. the one below was in new york at shabby chic couture. so wonderfully vintage.

i think it is just a lovely way to display vintage jewelry, hats or millinery bits. but all  the ones i have come across were just not quite right. some were a little too old or a little too wobbly. it was important to me that it did not have arms or legs, so no mannequins were to be considered. i wanted it to be just right.

i thought about picking up a new one. urban outfitters had this one - but $300 was too much for display only.

ultimately i decided i wanted something a bit more vintage and would just keep looking around. my treasure hunting motto is when it happens, it happens. when you think about them enough, things just have a way of finding you.

well, today was my lucky day. i popped into hunt and gather during their 20% off weekend. i picked up some little treasures

but also happened upon a bigger one: the perfect vintage dress form. so very exciting! i walked right in and there it was! just what i wanted and at the perfect price. amazing.

when i got it home, i jazzed it up with some vintage flowers (this j.crew one too!) and necklaces i have been waiting to display. what do you think?

i love the fancy finial at the top. the form adds the perfect pop to the corner of my room. (behind the dress form is a vintage wall-papered folding screen. a fabulous score also from hunt and gather for only $10!)

until next time,

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