Saturday, September 25, 2010

j.crew wool crepe portfolio dress

hello! i stopped into j.crew and the wool crepe portfolio dress (#28383) was on sale. it comes in grey, black, and dark plum. i ended up picking the dark plum because 1. it was the only color in my size, but 2. it also is a color i don't have in my wardobe and i actually think it is a great color for my fair skin.

here is my try on in (complete with a skinny glitter belt, also from j.crew). went with typical size 6.

i also wanted to take some time to figure out easy styling options for work. this first one would be pretty easy: throw on a blazer, maybe some festive brooches and done.
Tulip Curtsy Blazer
$118 -
Anthropologie blazers »

Tritone Trumpet Heels
$98 -
Anthropologie shoes »

Marc jacobs bags DARK GREY
345 GBP -
Marc jacobs bag »

Feather flower pin - J.Crew
$23 -

Feather flower pin - J.Crew
$23 -

next up, shifting out the blazer for the lady's choice cardigan (still available in anthropologie stores!)

finally, taking a cue from the "opposites on the color wheel" logic, plum and golden yellow look great together. here is an outfit inspired by that pairing:
Dormington Tweed Blazer
229 GBP -
Wool blazer »

Waving Grains Pumps
$148 -
High heels pumps »

Safekeeping Necklace
$198 -
Bib necklace »

until next time,

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