Sunday, September 12, 2010

anthropologie fitting room reviews: crinoline bolero, redux jacket, mavis jacket, learning curve dress, ruffled plaid dress

hello! i thought i would post a few reviews of new arrivals at my anthropologie store i tried on yesterday. first up is the crinoline bolero. i was pleasantly surprised with how it looked on, but at $98, i am not sure i would wear it enough to warrant the price until sale. i only took a quick snapshot and it isn't the best - but i really did like the little guy.

i was wearing a size small, and would most likely go with this size. i think it would be perfect touch for a little more coverage over dresses. at my anthropologie store they featured it over the sugar and cream dress. i think this could be a good option too.

next up is the redux jacket by cartonnier, also priced at $98. this one i loved! it fit just like the boucle de souffle, but is a lightweight (though thicker material) knit - so could easily work all year around.

it is "dark grey" online, and it definitely looks like a faded black color. i think it would work with navy just as well as black. i tried on the medium in the picture and would go with this size. wishlisted!

next up is the mavis jacket by sine. i liked how this one fit and it was definitely flattering,but for some reason it just didn't wow me. maybe it was a little too conservative? it was comfortable and i liked that it was a knit. for size reference, this was a small. what do you think? like?


the learning curve dress from eva franco happened to be at the store, but only in a size 6. i am usually an 8, but i gave it a whirl anyway.
it actually wasn't that bad - but i clearly need an 8 to fit in the hips. i liked the fabrication and color as well as the overall bow detail (can you call it a detail when it is front and center?). i would probably use a different belt than the one that comes with it, which is not a self-fabric belt, but a funny nude color. overall i liked it and might reconsider for sale.

lastly, i grabbed the ruffled plaid dress by floreat. floreat is really knocking it out of the park this season, and this dress is no exception. i tried an 8 (same as babergh dress) and thought it fit perfectly:

i do think that the dress would be limited to mostly fall and winter wear, but liked that it had sleeves. the self-belt wasn't half bad, but i do think i would change it out for maybe this triple-buckle belt? wishlisted. and the belt too.

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