Wednesday, September 8, 2010

anthropologie flowering pasture blouse

a couple colorways of the flowering pasture blouse from anthropologie went on sale last week.

my roommate just purchased and wanted some options for pairing it. below are my suggestions. what would you pair with it?

first, a look for work, complete with pencil skirt and cardigan (are you sick of me styling with the lady's choice cardigan yet? i swear. it works with anything - literally the perfect sweater for the season.)

this second one is great for weekends:
Flowering Pasture Blouse
$128 -
Silk blouse »

Samba Rings -
$48 -

Samba Rings -
$48 -

Samba Rings -
$48 -

lastly, for a look that combines the dressy and casual. maybe a date night?

until next time,

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