Saturday, September 4, 2010

anthropologie sugar and cream dress

hello there! i purchased the sugar and cream dress from anthropologie about 2 months ago and have yet to wear it.

i love the fit and thought the teacups were fun. i hoped that styling it on polyvore would give me some ideas to make it easier to wear. hopefully you can get inspired as well. enjoy!

below is how anthropologie styled it in the catalog:
Sugar & Cream Dress
$158 -
Stripe dress »

Dimpled Cardigan
$98 -
Cropped cardigan »

Bauble Bow Necklace
$38 -
Anthropologie jewelry »

Sugar & Cream Dress -
$158 -

what i would wear out for brunch:

an afternoon wedding:

ready for work:

i also like how depending on sweater color, different colors in the print pop. this would work for a nice date:

Sugar & Cream Dress, $158
Sweaters - Clothes -, $60
Tritone Trumpet Heels, $98
Juicy Couture Mini Bow Bag, $128
Yellow Stargrass Posts, $20

Lastly, i thought i would try to dress it down. this actually might be my favorite look:

so it does seem that it would work for multiple occasions :) now i just need to wear it!

until next time,

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