Tuesday, September 14, 2010

anthropologie grasby gardens dress

the grasby gardens dress finally went on sale today. wahooo! perfect timing as i had a gift card from my birthday to use.

i say finally, because though relatively new, i have been lusting over it since viewing in the anthropologie catalog. last month, i tried it on and shared some photos here. while i wait for it to arrive in the mail this week, i figured i might as well create some styling options to get me thinking as well as share with you. here it goes!

first up is a basic look that i could easily wear to work (and add tights if necessary). i was able to try this necklace on in person with the dress and loved the combo.

Stormy Plaid Tights
$18 - anthropologie.com
Leaf dress »

Anticipation Heels
$168 - anthropologie.com
Peep toe shoes »

Handbag Shop - View All - Nordstrom
$328 - nordstrom.com

Anthropologie - Cardinal's Egg Necklace

 this next look plays with menswear influences (watch, chunky knit sweater) while still balancing the girly side (floral headband, bows on boots).

Stormy Plaid Tights
$18 - anthropologie.com
Ruffle sleeve dress »

Learning Curve Dress
$248 - anthropologie.com
High heel boots »

Pudding Pie Cardigan
$268 - anthropologie.com
Wool tops »

this third option is taking a cue from the catalog, adding my own accessories. love the shoes, and i think the jewelry is just the right touch to tie in all the colors.
Stormy Plaid Tights
$18 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie dresses »

Stormy Plaid Tights
$18 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie dresses »

Stormy Plaid Tights
$18 - anthropologie.com
Plaid dress »

Tutti Sweety Bracelet
$550 - louisvuitton.com
Louis vuitton jewelry »

Floral Stud Earrings
$31 - juicycouture.com
Stud earrings »

option #4 is another great one for workwear. love the boucle de souffle blazer with this dress. i think the blazer in brown could also work well. the yellow shoes would compliment the yellow in the dress - and of course the ring is a fabulous piece to bring it all together.
Stormy Plaid Tights
$18 - anthropologie.com
Ruffle sleeve dress »

Boucle De Souffle Jacket
$128 - anthropologie.com
Cropped jacket »

Waving Grains Pumps
$148 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie shoes »

Cream Corsage Snake Clutch
16 GBP - missselfridge.com
Snake handbag »

Anthropologie Owl's Evening Ring
Anthropologie jewelry »

this next look is glaming the dress up for evening. still love this clutch, and these chie mihara heels would be just darling!

lastly, a look that would be easy for me to pull off with no additional pieces to add in my closet. i have this sweater from anthro circa 2008-2009 and think the color would compliment the dress really well. the shoes are neutral enough to go with the colors, but still something fun and different from the everyday. adding some unique bracelets would be the finishing touch.
grasby gardens dress, option #6
grasby gardens dress, option #6 by prettycupcake featuring a leather handbag
Stormy Plaid Tights
$18 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie dresses »

Park Hotel Bracelet
$60 - anthropologie.com
Art deco jewelry »

i can't wait to show some more real life pictures when the dress arrives in the mail!
until next time,

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