Friday, September 3, 2010

betsey johnson: paris collection

betsey johnson has some of the best jewelry. i love her sense of whimsy. her newest collection just landed at zappos. its inspired by paris, so of course i loved it. here are some of the best pieces:

first up these paris bull dog stud earrings

their little faces crack me up! and they are neutral enough to go with anything.
reminds me of this anthropologie "cavorting canines dress" from 2009:

i am love, love, loving this french cupcake necklace:

but the best part is the little surprise inside!

a piggy! amazing. and ridiculous. and this is exactly why i love betsey johnson.

continuing with cupcake theme, these paris white cupcake earrings are just so sweet!

i love the little pink dollop on top!

this last pair is just perfect for the theme, paris eiffel drop earrings

i could see them working with any outfit, but adding just enough sparkle. which ones do you love?

until next time,

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