Friday, September 24, 2010

anthropologie grasby gardens dress fitting review

my grasby gardens finally arrived! i can't wait to show you some more pictures. for sizing, i went with the size 8. though the 6 fit too, i wanted it to be a little looser overall (similar to the fit on the model in the catalog).

as i shared before, i think it looks really nicely with the cardinal's egg necklace from anthropologie. here is a closeup of the necklace with the dress:

and how about even pairing a blazer over it? i have this one from maybe five years ago at american eagle outfitters. i think it could work really well, especially because it has all of the same colors.
i also think i could accessorize it with these skinny glitter belts from j.crew (#099102187572 - i couldn't find it online):

verdict: definitely a keeper. and of course, i couldn't keep myself from making another little styling on polyvore:

Grasby Gardens Dress
$170 -
Leaf dress »

Moving Up Tights in Grey
$18 -
Sheer tights »

Marjorie Heels
$148 -
Anthropologie shoes »

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