Monday, September 6, 2010

max and margaux at peach and pearl

have you ever been to the blog peach and pearl? it has some lovely wedding ideas - and though i am not planning a wedding, i do enjoy looking at all the pretty pictures. not to mention one could use any of the ideas in any sort of festive setting. anywho. meet max and margaux. some of the most enchanting photos i have ever seen. see below and i am sure you will agree:

photos by Our Labor of Love, all details by The Flashdance.

i was most delighted, however, by this stop motion video of them. a-dor-a-ble. i mean. really. check it out:
max and margaux stop motion from shark pig on vimeo. oh yeah. this one was amazing as well. congrats to max and margaux and bravo to all the hands involved to make their special day such a delight!

also, the song zebra by beach house in the background. makes me want to check out their whole cd, teen dream.

until next time,

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