Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the anthro dresses i haven't worn challenge

so the new year always means a bit of a closet clean out and reflection. while normally it is easy for me to move through the items i haven't worn, there are a few dresses from the past year that i haven't worn, but still love.

such pretties, but i was having trouble pulling them out in my closet to wear to work. i styled the compeer dress here and the mullany dress here - but something is still making me not grab them. so for the next two weeks, i have given myself a challenge: wear these dresses! i'll use that inspiration from my already created stylings plus create some new stylings.

below is the drifting by dress. i first tried it on when reviewing the lady's choice cardigan. i fell in love with the combination. i thought for such a neutral, it would be easy to pair it to wear to work. but the dress itself is so lovely, i find it hard to make it more business professional. i loved how tara styled it for kim this week in the post here. below are some other options i came up with:
$118 -
Anthropologie tops »

Accoutrement Booties
$150 -
High heels shoes »

First Glow Peep-Toes
$188 -
Peep heels »

Needlepoint Platforms
$180 -
High heels shoes »

Reed Orchid Posts
$9.95 -
Post earrings »

Yellow Stargrass Posts
$20 -
Post earrings »

Pave Pachyderm Posts
$80 -
Trunk jewelry »

Midas Braids Belt
$30 -
Braided belt »

Scallops & Sparkles Belt
$32 -
Belts »

well, the challenge is on!

i'll share more as i continue with the two week challenge... but i'd love to hear from you. what would work with well with these dresses? how can i make them more work appropriate?
until next time,

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