Sunday, January 30, 2011

outfit of the day: 01.29.2011

hello there! just a quicky outfit from saturday:

and the polyvore breakdown of course:
D'armee Dress
$138 -
Army dresses »

Lace-Edged Slip -
$58 -

Printed Lurex Fishnets
$9.88 -
Fishnet hosiery »

ivory cowl scarf -
GAP scarves »

bowling green belt -
Belts »

until next time,


  1. I really like the new blue version of this dress! The khaki was very fitting, but I think blue is just as pretty, looks great with those boots too.

  2. the heavy scarf again- I really must make one for myself. Should have the d'armee dress soon- it looks so great on everyone!

  3. jess - thanks! i highly recommend the blue version. i think you could easily jazz it up for evening/going out too (which i think the other colors would be harder to do that...)

    thatdamngreendress - i totally think you could make the scarf! it's about 35 stitches wide, and just a simple infinity shape. i circle it around me 2x. (so it's maybe double the normal scarf length?)