Wednesday, January 19, 2011

anthropologie d'armee dress fitting review take 2

hello! i ordered the d'armee dress from anthropologie in the navy color and wanted to post a review. my first review, in green, can be found here.  below is the navy color:

initial thoughts - i love the color (despite the packing wrinkles) and the potential fit. i say potential it is too big in the waist. because i tried on the green size 10, i ordered the navy size 10. i think that was a mistake. i could have probably sized down to the 8 (true size) or 6 (one size smaller).

it's hard to see, but i shouldn't be able to pull this much fabric from my waist. it just hung and was not as fitted. hopefully by now my local anthropologie has the navy in stores so i can just make a quick switcheroo. if they do, i will post the new review! i can't wait to get the right size in this as i think there are loads of options and i love love love the navy color. it photographed pretty true to color.

update! i was able to exchange my 10 to the size 8. fits perfectly:

i ended up getting this belt too! it looked perfect with the dress. i also like the contrast from the softness of the lace cami underneath the "manly" military dress. also! i wanted to post some photos of the grey color. i liked the navy better, but the grey was quite lovely in person:

since the light is so bright in the fitting room, i tried to take some fabric close-ups to see the grey color better.

 it is definitely the perfect color of medium grey, not green in the slightest bit.

oh! and one more thing. if you aren't loving the navy, grey, or green options. have no fear.
it also comes in black, shown below:

available from dillard's as the parameter zip-placket dress on sale for only $72!

until next time,

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