Sunday, January 23, 2011

h&m leatherette jacket styling options

so i got a little excited about the possibilities for my new jacket (always a good sign from a purchase, right?) and started creating some options via polyvore.

i started off with something sweet for the spring:

next, a perfect wear to work ensemble:
Raining, Pouring Blouse
$98 -
Chiffon blouses »

Surging Springs Skirt
$50 -
Draped skirt »

Small Doses Heels
$90 -
Leather shoes »

the delightful find: h&m jacket

three is a little more comfortable casual:
Tiered Rush Dress
$90 -
Anthropologie dresses »

Scintilla Triple Strand
$58 -

Martingale Boots
$120 -
Ankle boots »

the delightful find: h&m jacket

lastly, option 4 is playing with neutrals, plus a pop of purple in the skirt:

until next time,


  1. love the work outfit, I think its the cute blouse that makes it perfect for me. Can't wait to see pictures of the jacket :)

  2. thanks! i think i will wear that combo tomorrow, weather holding up (maybe with the martingdale boots instead). i'll definitely share pictures :)