Monday, January 31, 2011

outfit of the day: 01.31.2011

hello! last day of freedom until the 30x30 starts! okay, well maybe thinking of myself in a "30x30 prison" for the next month is not the best way motivator to begin a challenge. i need to think positive. i can pick 30 items. i can make 30 outfits. i can pick 30 items, i can make 30 outfits. but before i do that for the next 30 days, i can wear anything in my closet. oooh so fun! so special! with that in mind, i tried to pick some pieces i havent worn in awhile that aren't in my 30x30.

behold the peppered and striped skirt, my over the moon booties, and gingham shirt. together.

what do you think? gingham, plaid, and polka dots? 

theres a bit of blue and white in the plaid waistband of the skirt. the prints almost work together instead of competing. i kept all my other accessories more neutral too.

here is the polyvore breakdown. my shirt is from j.crew but from a few years back...

now i am off to finalize my 30x30 and take some pictures. eeeek!

until next time,


  1. I love your pattern mixing! The gingham looks right at home with the plaid and dots. I usually wear that skirt with stripes so I'll have to try the gingham some time soon!

  2. ooh. i like the striped shirt idea with the skirt! surprisingly, i have missed the boat (no pun intended) on striped shirts! i don't really have any... and there are so many out there!

    i have been pondering the "artist's study tee" from anthro though... i don't usually purchase cut and sew tees, but i think it would look great with the peppered and striped skirt as well as with a couple of cream skirts i own.