Sunday, January 30, 2011

anthropologie fluttering obi dress fitting review

hello! i finally tried on the fluttering obi dress by corey lynn calter from anthropologie.


i was really surprised by how well it fit and how the color actually did not wash me out! for your reference, i am wearing the size 6. it fit, but i think i would like to try on the size 8, my true size, for it to be a bit more loose in the hips and maybe have a longer obi wrap to tie around? hmm... there was only a 6 in the store, so i might have to order it!

i would have tied the obi in the front, but it was stitched on the back of the dress and i didn't want to pull out the stitches to try. i also liked the reverse turquoise color of the belt, shown below.

i could see myself wearing this for work so easily. it reminds me of my target for tucker dresses.

wishlisted for sale time!

until next time,


  1. Oh, I know, wasn't it weird how the belt was stitched at the back? I was really bummed when I tried this dress on that I couldn't tie the obi like how it shows on the website. It still looks great though, it's one of my favourite anthro dresses. I'm waiting for this one to go on sale!

  2. totally weird. hmph. i hope it goes on sale soon (but maybe not in the next 30 days? hehe)... i think the transitional time weather would be perfect and there are many colors you could pull out of it and wear. i am thinking some turquoise earrings would look great.