Wednesday, January 19, 2011

outfit of the day: 01.19.2011

hello again! man oh man is it chilly outside! i even risked ridicule by wearing a scarf around my head. i was too cold to care! despite the cold, i still managed to wear tights and a dress. here is my outfit of the day:

yes, i am wearing the albertine dress by moulinette soeurs from anthropologie.

this is the dress where the lining was about 3x smaller than the actual dress. that might have stopped some from purchasing, but i took matters into my own hands.

well, first, i waited until the dress went down to about $20. then i purchased  the dress and took a pair of scissors to the inside. voila! no more skirt lining (i started cutting it out at about the waist line). and the dress magically fit. perhaps if it was like that the first time around the dress would have never gone so cheap!

i love wearing it with this belt from j.crew. i think it compliments the dress so well.

and finally, the shoes, complete with little bows. marc by marc jacobs from about 5 years ago. scored at "off 5th," the saks 5th avenue outlet.

sorry no polyvore breakdown this time. about the only thing i could find today was the dress. if curious, here is the link.

until next time,

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