Monday, January 24, 2011

decisions, decisions

hello there! if you have ever read kendi everyday, then you probably know about the 30x30 challenge. big news:  i have decided to take on the challenge. eeeek! i am a little nervous, but i think it will be good for me and my closet! because i want to be sure i have fully prepped, i am sharing my first pass at my items.
Andalusian Horse Dress
$180 -
Silk dresses »

Raining, Pouring Blouse
$98 -
Blouses »

Boucle De Souffle Jacket
$128 -
Cropped jackets »

Lost Time Skirt -
$60 -
Skirts »

Skirts - Clothes -
$118 -
Skirts »

Surging Springs Skirt
$50 -
Draped skirt »

Pilcro Stretch Cord Leggings
$50 -
Tall leggings »

Martingale Boots
$120 -
High heels »

Eyelet Platforms
$158 -
Platform pumps »

vanilla bean blouse
Blouses »

Anthropologie - Sawtooth Myrtle T-Straps

i am still short 2 items... any thoughts on what to add? what am i missing? too little color? too little pattern?

until next time,


  1. I think a black cardigan would be good, and another shirt maybe?

  2. you know, the more i think about it, i am almost thinking i might go for more color. the whole challenge comes from wearing things i don't always grab and i do grab a black cardigan so easily. i think i might go with (depending on arrival and fit) the nordic blue j.crew pencil skirt and then another printed button-down. oh goodness.

  3. I'm so glad you included the Eyelet Pumps. I think you've made some great selections.

  4. I love your double serge Pencil skirt lots of potential to mix and match.You know I ordered it about a month ago and haven't received it! What gives? Can't loose with the lost in time skirt either,I love all of your shoes :)

  5. Good for you. The 30 for 30 scares me. I think you chose some good pieces. And more colour doesn't hurt!

  6. lc - thanks! i love those shoes. if only they were slightly more comfortable ;)

    gabby - i am still waiting on it too! it said the ship date was 1.31.2011... so hopefully it will come soon! i am waiting on the mustard color, the nordic blue color (which finally shipped), and the brighter purple... so i hope that they actually come, and then fit! otherwise, i am going to need to pick some other items!

    lisa - it scares me too! but i chickened out last time, so i feel like i need to do it. new year, new me? maybe? hehe. i am looking forward to rediscovering some pieces in my closet.