Thursday, January 20, 2011

outfit of the day: 01.20.2011

hello there! i stepped outside of my comfort zone by wearing bright purple on top! though i love color, i tend to wear more neutrals than bright colors. so this was something new and different. :)

i really liked how it turned out. the teal color seems to be just the right complement to the fuchsia, plus the polka dot tights helped to tie the colors together. what do you think?

the skirt is the acting out skirt from anthropologie. in the summer it originally came out in pale grey(which i purchased as a great basic), then was re-released in this "sapphire" teal color and black/grey. i debated and debated. then it sold out. then it reappeared in my size a few weeks ago at my store, so i grabbed it. it is still available in stores and is still full price - so if you like the color, it's worth asking about it. the name of the skirt has now been changed to the alluring sway skirt and is available online in two new pinstriped colors! all the versions are truly a testament to how amazing it fits. i highly recommend.


here is the polyvore breakdown:

Acting Out Skirt
$88 -
Knee length pencil skirt »

Martingale Boots
$120 -
High heel boots »

Eloise Pin Dot Tights, Navy -

until next time,


  1. Hi ;) I really like the skirt. i have the gray version and it's pretty awesome. I love the feel of it. Don't you? I think it can go with anything. I still haven't worn it. I am really bad at purchasing tops for some reason and always end up with nothing to pair my skirts with. yesterday and today were the first few days I've been able to wear something other than Jeans. But this is def. A great outfit & I love the boots!

  2. I think fuchsia is a great colour for you. the skirt looks great too. I've seen this skirt a couple of times but have never tried it on. It looks like it could be very flattering, especially with the ruching. Now I'm thinking twice about this skirt...

  3. thank you! yeah, i have noticed now with 3 different pencil-esque skirts from anthropologie that they do not look that appealing folded or hanging in the store, but once i put them on they were amazing! it just goes to show, for as much as i know what will work on my body, one never really knows until a try on!

  4. gabby - i love my grey one. i was so surprised with how easy it was to match anything in my closet. if you have any skirts in particular that are hard to style, let me know! i'd love to help you find some options :)

  5. Thanks :) I am in the process of starting to buy some tops. I am really bad about that. Don't know why? Maybe I'm ADD...LoL. I'd love your opinion. It's always nice to see what another person sees that you don't.