Monday, January 17, 2011

anthropologie take action dress fitting review

well, today was an amazing day. i got to wear a fabulous outfit created by lovely ladies AND the take action dress was at anthropologie. hoo-ray! i created some styling options here. now, the official fitting review:

as expected, the 6 fit perfectly. this would be one size down from my usual 8. it fit exactly the same as the twinkle, twinkle dress from fall 2010.

it was amazing. it's comfortable, looks great. feels better (so silky and soft). i also think it would go with tons of different cardigans and jackets. the color was perfect for me - but would also work on anyone!

i clearly loved it. (i mean, i already own the twinkle, twinkle - so this was a given).

just as a side note, i read an online review on the anthro site that said not all of the "yellow" buttons were yellow. i checked all dresses at my store, and all had fully covered yellow buttons. so i am not sure if my store had a special batch or what. but i wouldn't worry that you would get a half yellow/half blue button. anywho, i would highly recommend.

until next time,


  1. Hi:) I just found your blog on goggle :)This dress looks great on you. I have the twinkle twinkle coming in the mail. I just bought it.Got it through a fellow blogger who returned hers and had it held for me. Just yesterday,I am kind of late in the game, But your review helped. I wear a size 6 Normally. But can pull of a 4 too. I think it depends on the cut of clothing too. But In Anthropologie sometimes I have to size up. The Babergh would not go on in a 6. Thanks for the review :)

  2. hi gabby! welcome and so glad you found me! :) you'll have to let me know how the twinkle, twinkle works out! good luck!!