Thursday, January 27, 2011

the final item...

hello! still finalizing my 30x30. i have one item to go. also my j.crew pencil skirts are waiting to be picked up from the office. here's hoping they fit and can stay in the 30x30 item lineup!

Andalusian Horse Dress
$180 -
Silk dresses »

Raining, Pouring Blouse
$98 -
Blouses »

Boucle De Souffle Jacket
$128 -
Cropped jackets »

Lost Time Skirt -
$60 -
Skirts »

Skirts - Clothes -
$118 -
Skirts »

Surging Springs Skirt
$50 -
Draped skirt »

Pilcro Stretch Cord Leggings
$50 -
Tall leggings »

Eyelet Platforms
$158 -
Platform pumps »

Martingale Boots
$120 -
Leather high heels »

vanilla bean blouse
Blouses »

Anthropologie - Sawtooth Myrtle T-Straps

i am thinking it will be this top from j.crew 2006:
oh the anticipation!
until next time,


  1. I am so jealous! I love the J. Crew double Serge Skirts. Still haven't gotten mine. Did they run out of 6's? what's the deal? I'm beginning to get mad. Love the picks of Skirts, Blazers...So nice :)

  2. gabby - my blue one arrived, still waiting on the mustard yellow. i ended up cancelling the purple one because it was in a size too big based on how the blue one fit. but seriously, i have been waiting forever! hope yours arrives soon!! :)