Monday, January 10, 2011

anthropologie a fine fete necklace review

hello! from the very first moment i saw a fine fete necklace on the anthropologie website, i loved it.

so darling. it didn't help much that i love buntings. so adorable! (i mean, how cute is this card? or this paper bunting?) when it went on sale, i just had to order and share a review with it. i can't believe it's still available online. hopefully these pictures can help show the size and scale of the necklace. enjoy!

it's so fun and the perfect touch to an outfit. i actually like that the flags are delicate enough to scoot along the chain and the necklace is a good go-between of chunky and simple pendant. and wouldn't it look darling with this outfit?

until next time,


  1. I missed the boat on that necklace and may make one myself - is that colored or painted leather? Thank you!

  2. i looked at the necklace and it's hard to tell... some of the triangles are the same color on both sides (smooth leather side and rough leather side) but other ones look painted... hope that helps!

  3. Awesome - thanks for the response!

  4. I love this. Any chance you're willing to sell?