Saturday, January 8, 2011

outfit of the day: 01.08.2011

happy saturday! here's what i am wearing...


comfortable and casual on the weekend. and yes, that's right. i am wearing the miss l fire shearling booties. after returning them at full price, i spotted them on sale about two months later and had to purchase. i ended up getting the size 36. the 37s just slipped too much and i figured the 36s will stretch a touch.

see how warm and happy my feet look?
below is the polyvore breakdown:

until next time,


  1. Yes! Your feet look so cozy and cute. I remember you returned them and am so happy that you got them on sale. They look great with your comfortable and casual weekend look!


  2. those booties are to die for! I love them and the entire look. You make me want to search for a pair of shearling booties!

  3. thanks lisa and pamela!

    did you see those shearling ones at j.crew? they are way too expensive, but just darling.