Thursday, January 13, 2011

outfit of the day: 01.13.2011

hello there! dress #4 of the challenge has been conquered. i ran into quite the dilemma this morning. i had to wear my blazing rays dress as the challenge was coming to a close, but i wanted to wear my new lavender j.crew colleen heels. how could i pair these two together?  it came down to a cardigan. the anemone bloom cardigan.

it was the perfect piece to tie lavender and red together. i also liked how the embroidered flowers mimic the flowers on the shoes. what do you think?

i moved my mirror into the living room to see if i could get better lighting... not sure if it worked.

i am so glad i was able to get these shoes! they were from j.crew spring 2010? maybe earlier... when they originally debuted at over $300, i knew they would never be mine. but randomly i was able to get them on ebay last week for a steal! so funny how that works sometimes. there are still multiple listings in a variety of sizes (just search j.crew colleen). they run true to size (as i think all j.crew shoes do) and are pretty comfortable.

i love the vintage velvet flowers on the toes. i think the lavender color is neutral enough to wear everyday.

so cute!

below is the polyvore breakdown:

until next time,


  1. What a great exercise in color! Those shoes are so beautiful, they need a shelf to sit on and be admired.

  2. Hi there! I found your blog through Sweet Laundry Loves. Love the purple and orange/red together and I think you are pulling it off wonderfully. Those shoes are very nice, and it is great you got a good deal on them, makes them even more special eh?

  3. fallonroxann - thanks so much! i know, they came without a box. so they just might end up on a shelf :)

    jess - welcome! so glad you found me. :) a good deal always makes something more special. i definitely agree!