Monday, January 17, 2011

target find: pilar wedge sandal

do you like the via cardona wedges from anthropologie, but don't like the $198 price?
did you miss out on the cynthia vincent for target wedges last year?

not to worry. i stopped by target tonight and found these pretties:

the mossimo pilar sandals are almost the same styling and only $29.99.


i thought they were so cute, they warranted pulling off winter boots and wool socks to try on. excuse the no nail polish. i wasn't aware there would be cute sandals at target tonight, and based on chilling winter  temperatures, my feet usually see no light from november to march.

i took my true size, 6.5 in these. i tried to put on the 6's to see if my toes would be closer to the edge, but the straps were too narrow for my foot. so - 6.5 is the magic size. they were very comfortable. i wish i took a picture from the front, because they were so cute and flattering. i could imagine them dressed up or down throughout the summer (and maybe even with colored tights in the fall). online they are available in brown, pink, nude, and black. just search "pilar" and they will pop right up.

they only had brown in the store and i am torn between brown and nude. at only $30, it wouldn't be hard to snatch up both. i just can't imagine buying sandals now when there is a good chunk of snow on the ground and the high today 7 degrees fahrenheit! oh well. hopefully they are still around come march or april!

until next time,


  1. Ohhh I saw these down in the states last week, but I was distracted by the boots on clearance, so I didn't give them a closer look :( The brown ones are the best choice I think, will look more expensive and not get as dirty as quickly? Cute!

  2. i can see why. i was a little distracted by a pair of booties... :) hopefully the "couple" years will fly by and then you can shop at target in canada!