Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend catch-up

hello! happy monday. did you have a restful weekend? lately, i have been so plugged in at work, it has been nice to be "unplugged' for a few days. does that ever happen to you?

during my weekend, i was able to complete a couple of errands off my never-ending to-do list, like sending off a special parcel to my new baby nephew:

phew! that one was nagging on me. i already felt terrible about not sending it out right after he was born a couple weeks ago! remember those anthropologie tie-ons from 2008-2009? i thought the green inside of this piperlime box was the perfect compliment to it!

then, i popped into hunt and gather and saw a couple of friends:

and finally, i took my car for a check-up and oil change. i still need to start packing up my apartment and head to the grocery, but it was also nice to catch up on some fabulous tv shows instead: bethenny ever after and secrets from a stylist. :) i love, love, love emily henderson. so happy she has her own tv show for me to watch!
here is what i wore around town on saturday:

d'armee dress in navy, anthropologie
fancy swirly tights, hue via anthropologie
deborah studded boots, frye via anthropologie
one of a kind vintage necklace, anthropologie

then, to answer fallon's question on the back of my icicle's melt dress, i thought it would be better to share a photo. it is not an exposed zipper, but lovely little covered buttons! absolutely swoon worthy (plus a side zipper, so no fuss when getting dressed):

at some point, the top button fell off, so i replaced it with the green one. :) there are also more of the same covered buttons on the sleeve:

until next time,


  1. As if your st. patty's dress could get any sweeter! Thank goodness for a side zip!

  2. I love the D'armee dress on you! Incredibly flattering.

  3. thank you carly! i would really recommend this one!! :)