Saturday, March 12, 2011

target go international design collective: a couple quick reviews

hello there! i had a chance to try on some of the target go international design collective and wanted to share.
for those of you who haven't heard, the latest target collaboration is actually a collection of 17 past designers and 1-2 of the best selling dress styles from each (so think more neutral, "classic" ones, nothing too outrageous). it officially kicks off tomorrow, sunday march 13th (but sometimes some stores sneak it out early, like my local one!).

i think it is a fabulous chance to pick up one of the dresses you might have missed out on the first time! (i wish anthropologie would do this with some of their classics from 2005-2007!)

if you don't have a target near you, i would highly recommend popping online to scope it out. once the links show up tomorrow, i'll update the post with them. in general sizes run pretty true to junior (i am usually 6-8-10 in anthro, and tend to be a 9 or 11 in these) i would of course recommend these two that i managed to score the first time around:

1. white eyelet zipper front dress by tracy feith, i think this was a size 9... i love this dress and wear it all summer long. as it's white and getting a little dingy, i might even re-purchase! :)


2. fuschia tucker by gaby basora dress in medium, which i have styled a couple different ways in the past:

now, here are some of the ones i snagged this time around, after missing during their original debut:

alice temperley black "chiffon" polka dot dress, wearing size 11. this one fits a little small in the bust. still debating, but it would be a good little black dress to have.

 libertine black dress, wearing size 11. the perfect lbd for work! has sleeves!

erin fetherston bunny printed dress <swoon>, wearing size 11. 9 also fit. i totally remember missing out on this one the first time!

happy target shopping!

until next time,


  1. mmmm...can't wait 'til Target comes to Canada! I had to get the lace pattern Rodarte dress through ebay last year...

    The bunny dress is pretty sweet, and I love the neckline of that Libertine dress!

  2. i think that lace rodarte will be in the collective!

    i loved the bunnies. think it's official, i cannot resist clothing with woodland creatures. this could be a problem... ;)

    the libertine one was one of those where it kept haunting me and i wondered why i never tried on or purchased when i had the chance. i think it would look great with a snazzy red cardigan.

  3. I might have to get the bunny dress. Very cute!

  4. I love the bunny dress and got that too! I wish my store had that Temperley Dress, they only had the shirtdress.

  5. audrey - it's so whimsical in person. love it!

    lc - oh.. sad! i ended up returning it. i just didn't love it (not sure it was so flattering either) and i only like to add pieces i absolutely love to my closet. :)