Thursday, March 17, 2011

outfit of the day: 03.17.2011

hello there! happy st. patrick's day! did you do anything fun to celebrate?
i never seem to do anything for st. patty's day, but i did manage to have corned beef and cabbage for lunch! 

i have been sporting pants all week long. such a change from my dresses and skirts, but it is caused by my tiredness of pulling on tights! ugggh. it's the middle of march and i have been wearing them since late september. come on! warm it up, weather man! so here i am in my stevie ankle skinny jeans and facile camp shirt, with my maryam tank underneath. all brought to you by anthropologie, of course. :)

i recently caved and purchased the maryam tank in the grey color in addition to the cream. i really like layering it under tops for a little extra girly. i am now wondering if i should have purchased the black too...

my camera phone was also being crazy this morning. it kept making the pictures all fuzzy. so sorry about the poor quality! the shoes were a christmas present and i just love them (especially the patent leather toes and ribbon ties). so comfortable too!

to summarize my day, i'll use sydney's theme of awkward and awesome thursday:

awkward: deciding that walking up to the 18th floor at work was a good idea (uh huh, so like 36 flights of stairs, in the outfit i am wearing above...), and then practically dying when i finished (we're talking full on lying on the ground in my cube, desperately needing some sort of sustinance) i think it took me a good hour to fully recover. i will never do that again. and i am slightly nervous to see if i am sore tomorrow. i would have to be, right?

awesome: getting glammed up and going to the special anthro member exclusive fashion show this evening, then out to eat with a friend afterwards. so fun! (photos to come shortly...)

here is the polyvore breakdown of my outfit earlier today:

AG Stevie Ankle
$158 -

All Black mary jane pumps
$130 - (runs 1/2-full size small. size up! i am wearing 7s and could maybe have gone with a 7.5!)

Maryam Tank
Tentacles Ring

until next time,

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