Sunday, March 27, 2011

outfit of the day: 03.25.2011

hello there! on friday, it was my first time wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots. i know, i know. how could it have taken me this long?! i never was able to find boots that i thought would work or pants that were skinny enough at the bottoms. it seems it finally worked out today!

here is the polyvore breakdown (they still have my smaller initial necklace at urban outfitters!):

Wispy Cirrus Blouse
$118 -

Pilcro Leggings
$50 -

Martingale Boots
$120 -

Michele diamond bezel watch
$1,095 -

until next time,


  1. dang-it- I'm getting pretty obsessed with these lace coverups! but which one to go for...I'm thinking the ol' back porch blouse!

    Lurve the boots!

  2. yes. i think the back porch would be more versatile. plus, with no color - it really could go with anything. i loved it this week on kristin with jeans. so classic!