Wednesday, March 30, 2011

outfit of the day: 03.30.2011

hello, hello! i am so excited to show you my latest find from francesca's collections of all places!
it is called the memory lane top. and is completely sprinkled with pink elephants! so adorable!

i picked it up right before my movie date. :) which btw, the adjustment bureau was good! i would recommend it. (and it is definitely more chick flick than action thriller!)

so of course i had to wear it today:

i added in the rippled ribbon belt from anthropologie, this time in the tan colorway. my skirt is a little big, so i cinched it up and made a "paper-bag" waist with the belt.

here's a close up of those elephants:

then, i added the beaded eglantine cardigan in tan and my michael kors watch for good measure.

oh! and my tights are from target by merona collection on sale this week. i love the delicate pattern of them:
merona openwork tight

here is the polyvore breakdown:
$34 -

Beaded top
$128 -

Milly skirt

Distressed leather boot
$120 -

Leather belt
$38 -

until next time,


  1. so cute! pink elephants and lace!

    and of course the most scrumptious cardigan...

  2. This is darling! I'm crazy about that skirt and the elephant print, too cute!

  3. Wow that top is so cute. I would never typically go in that store. How does their sizing run? You have the best finds!

  4. I really liked your outfit. But when you added the cardigan I was in love!

  5. thatdamngreendress - i know! so fun, right!?

    elizabeth - thank you! :) the skirt is a few years old, but the top is available online still.

    c - thanks! i never go in their either. too overwhelming. i tried on both a small and medium and went with the small. it was a little more fitted on the bottom, but since i was tucking it in, i didn't mind. i wanted it to be more fitted on the shoulders.

    jenn - thank you!! i think the cardigan added just a little more polish. :)

  6. Your elephant blouse is too sweet! I regret not buying that cardigan. I had so many opportunities to get it and I didn't. I'm a silly lady.

  7. the outfit looks so good on you, love the way you pull everything together, and i especially like the skirt! can you tell me where i can find it if you don't mind?



  8. fallon - i know the feeling with a couple other anthro items. i wish anthro would have more cardigans like they used to. i miss all those little pretty basics

    alexandria - thank you! the skirt is by milly and i think i purchased from neiman marcus, but it was also available from nordstrom. it is a few years old, but maybe ebay would have some? good luck!!

  9. Thank you S! Will go and check it out.

  10. The elephant top is soooo adorable! I really want it! I love the skirt that you paired it with as well.

  11. jess - it is still available on their website. such a steal at $34. it goes great with jeans too!