Wednesday, March 2, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.28.2011

monday was a good day. miss sweet laundry gave me outfit inspiration from her creation early on in my 30x30 mini-polyvore:

Untitled by sweetlaundry on

and i was just waiting for the right moment to debut. well, monday was the day. voila!

i added some darker tights to help make the outfit a bit more serious for work. but i could see wearing this sans tights in the spring. i left the cardigan open when i belted based on a suggestion from fallon on a previous outfit. i think it works better on me for these thicker boyfriend style cardigans.


and then a gold sparkle belt from the target cherokee girls section... can you believe it?! they had two belts (a hot pink patent leather and this sparkle one) sold together for only $8.99! i couldn't find them online, but the brand is cherokee and i went with a size large.


so here is my polyvore breakdown:
J crew cardigan
$78 -

Banana republic
$16 -

Anthropologie shoes
$358 -

J Crew buckle belt
15 GBP -

Take Action Dress -
$168 -

thanks for the outfit inspiration lisa! :)

until next time,


  1. Oh that is pretty colour combination! That dress seems to be very flattering on so many people. Nice deal with the belts, I never think to look in the kid's sections for belts etc.

  2. the dress is such a winner. it is one of the most comfortable dresses ever. i would highly recommend. i started looking in the kids section mainly for my smaller feet, i can usually fit into the largest size for kids and for flip flops, they are usually so cheap that way - but i also try on their silly big flower headbands, etc. i just haven't quite grown up :)

  3. Love this combo! I keep seeing this dress with all sorts of different colors and it seems to work with all of them. Very pretty!