Monday, March 21, 2011

outfit of the day: 03.21.2011

hi there! today i wore an older dress from target:

i love the colorblocking and flutter sleeves on the dress, so flattering. perfect for work. it was one of those mornings that i told myself i could get to work at 7:00 AM and got out of bed at 7:15. whoops.

so i threw it on, pulled my hair into a sleek ponytail, added a rhinestone necklace from j.crew, the black/white version of the berry bush tights from anthropologie and my black and brown fish bow mary janes from all black and ended up making it by 7:30. ta-da! :)

until next time,


  1. pretty! I love the big pink bow with the brown!

  2. Love the shoes......Sorry! I am a Shoe horse <3 you have the prettiest clothing. Very Subtle. I tend to be very neutral with my clothing. I don't like really loud stuff. I don't think my 5'2 figure would look good in bold colors. But I love ALL of your outfits. I also like the decorating skills you have. Very relaxing to the eye. Have a Great week :0

  3. love this outfit! the dress, the necklace, the shoes! i love it when i can get ready that quick in the mornings!

  4. thatdamngreendress - thank you!

    gabby - i always feel like i have to pick "one thing" you know? if its a unique shape or more girly, then i can't do a bright color. but if i pick something bright, then pair it with a more netural shoe/top/accessory. but, i do think you can do color! i bet it would be perfect with your pretty long hair! :)

    lilmissmarch - thank you! i love to sleep in, so getting ready quickly is certainly something i am slowly mastering... hehe