Wednesday, March 30, 2011

anthropologie new arrivals and a lovely apidae

did you happen to notice the new arrivals at anthropologie this morning? a few caught my eye and i can't wait to share.

but before that, kristin from a lovely apidae tagged me with the versatile blogger award and now it's my job to share the honor with four (i just don't know a whole seven!) of my favorite blog finds, so in no particular order here are four absolutely delightful blogs that i read and you should too!
and then, for four things about "me," i'll share my four top new anthropologie arrivals, that are so very me! :)



from top left: san pedro pencil skirt in turquoisemompos dress (so darling in the close-up photos!), spectator espadrilles, and san pedro pencil skirt in yellow (could this be the "mustard" j.crew replacement?)

until next time,

p.s. really, go check out these blogs. they are so lovely!


  1. Thanks for passing on the fun to me, I'll probably get to post something on Friday. Your blog is definitely one I'm glad I found, it truly was a "Delightful Find" ;)

    I am so in love with that Tracy Reese dress that I've already put it in my cart! I'm going to try my best to hold off on purchase until I see it in person.

  2. You're so sweet, thank you! All of those things are on my wishlist too...sigh.

  3. I love your picks, especially the dress!

  4. I did not see those espadrilles! I like them alot. I have my eye on the Charcoal Terrace Dress for a wedding I am attending this summer. Hopefully my store carries it and I can try it on soon. Thanks for the award! It means alot coming from you since yours was the very first blog I started following :)

  5. fallon - haha thanks! :) i hope i get to see it in person. i never know about the slightly more expensive dresses. sometimes my store has them and sometimes it doesn't. i love the idea of changing the belt to my red flower one... i think it would look so dreamy!

    LC - you are so welcome! i love all your reviews!

    kristin - if only i didn't have such spendy home things on my wishlist this month!

    lisa - ooh, that would be pretty! of course! you were one of my first followers and special styling request, so of course i have a special spot on the list for you! (plus, i love seeing your outfits!) :)