Friday, March 18, 2011

outfit of the night: 03.17.2011

hello again. here's what i wore for the evening of st. patty's day:

icicle's melt dress by leifsdottir from anthropologie circa fall 2008 (wearing a size 8. fits true to size)
anthropologie belt
poetic licence "felted chrysanthemum" heels from anthropologie fall 2010

have a lovely weekend. i'll have some more fitting room reviews soon plus i owe a few posts on styling with accessories and my top trench picks. :)

until next time,


  1. Love them shoes :) I've been wanting to buy a pair on E bay for the longest time. Do you like them? They seem so pretty.And I second my pal Kristin's comment Beautiful Dress. Come visit my blog sometime. I think we wear the same sizes. I am a 6 but an 8 in Anthro dresses. But a 6 in Skirts. And a Small in tops. 6 in Shoes. And I absolutely LOVE leifsdottir. I recently purchased a leifsdottir dress but can't spill the beans yet. I've been keeping it under wraps for a bit longer. But I really love the color of your dress look so Springish. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the older Leifsdottir dresses with their super heavy cotton and amazing details. What does the back of this one look like? Does it have an exposed zipper?

  3. Wow that dress looks adorable on you!!! Its so beautiful and it looks like it was made for you!

  4. I'm bummed that this dress is circa fall 2008 because otherwise I would try this on tomorrow. It's fantastic and perfect for spring/St. Pat's. Those shoes go perfectly with it too!

  5. I have never seen this dress before! It's truly GORGEOUS, and a fabulous fit on you. Add to my growing list of must-haves....the touches of green and the 50's vibe make it such the perfect dress, especially for St. Patty's. And I love those shoes. I always get a zillion compliments when I wear mine. Love the pairing with together!

  6. kristin - thank you!

    gabby - i love these shoes! i went with a size 6 in them. they run a little big. :) i will definitely check out your blog! thank you for all your sweet comments!

    fallon - me too! i used to fall all over leifsdottir pieces and watch them until they went on sale. lately they seem less inspired (where is the girly charm!?) and certainly not as hand-crafted. kind of a bummer. :( i added a picture of the back on my weekend catch-up post.

  7. midory - thank you so much! this is one of my favorite dresses, by far. i wish i could wear it more often, but i think it's just a little too fancy for day to day.

    lisa - thank you! i loved them together, i had never thought about the pairing until that night!

    molly - thank you!! the dress also came in black with nude teardrops. also a stunner! cream is much more me though :) i think there are a few on e-bay. i went true to size for the dress.

    jacquelyn - thank you so much!

  8. Seriously... this dress is amazing... I love the vintage/retro vibe and the teardrops are so uber cute. Very lovely outfit :)