Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's (almost) official

well, i was waiting until i actually signed the lease, but i officially made my lease-signing appointment for my new apartment! i am just too excited to not share!

here is the layout:

yep. you see that? 2 bedrooms! one for me and one for my crafting. yay! in order to get some extra space at the right price, i ended up compromising on location. no longer will i be able to walk to work. :(  but i am looking forward to the change of pace and scenery out in the suburbs. i think my closet space might be the same as i have now, but i will have more room in general. heated parking garage, dishwasher, washer/dryer all included.

other news? i will be starting to move in april. this was based on lack of units available in may and the apartment complex willing to hold a place for me until april. i am spinning it to the positive though, as  now i will have some additional time to move all my pretties (and of course share with you along the way!)

until next time,


  1. it's exciting! i'm moving into a new apartment this saturday. this week, i've been moving small things after work. i just bought the 3x4 rolling storage in white from west elm, and the 32" parsons dining table in white. i'm downsizing from a one-bedroom to a studio, but upgrading in finishes. the bookshelf will be a room divider for the bed / living area. still deciding on dining chairs...i might use my old ones.

    i'll post pics soon! www.oneshoedaily.com


  2. How awesome! We are going through the house hunting stuff right now too and my other half is going back this weekend to check them out again :) I am happy you got a two bedroom (with two walk-in closets!!!) That is a great layout too, the bedrooms are nice and separate. Can't wait to see pictures :)

  3. Congratulations :) Isn't it exciting? I remember when I purchased my getaway Condo. Had a blank slate. Then slowly but surely it became a part of me. Hope you have as much fun decorating yours as I had with mine. We are currently remodeling our house too. May you enjoy in Good Health. Very Happy for you! :) And just in time for Spring.

  4. Congratulations! The layout looks awesome and yay for your own place! Can't wait to see how you decorate your new home.

  5. Congratulations S! It looks like you'll have alot of space. 2 Bedrooms is amazing. And with a W/D and dishwasher. I'm uber jealous!

  6. audrey - how fun!! i love the decorating process. especially because it can always change. good luck with the move and i can't wait to see pictures!

    jess - i think it will be a good layout and totally enough space. i am so excited to share pictures from the empty white space it is now to (hopefully) completely decorated by may. :)

    gabby - thanks so much! a getaway condo sounds delightful! for now, i can getaway to my spare bedroom. hehe :) i am looking forward to when i actually purchase a place and can make real changes. until then, i have to settle with just decorating.

    overcaffeinated - thanks! i am so looking forward to the process and sharing along the way!

    sweet laundry - thanks! :) i wanted to make sure that i could stay in this apartment for awhile if i stay in my current city... i thought a 2 bedroom would help me not have to move again, it should be enough space for me and all my treasures.